Ghantoot Gulf Crusher (GGC) is situated in Tawaeen Fujairah,it was formed in the year 2003 and is part of the prestigious Ghantoot Group. We are based on years of product development. The continuous improvement and refinement has made us the preferred crushers among our customers.
While initially supplying various sizes and grades of Armour and Core respectively to prestigious projects, specific and extensive testing was applied to verify what was assumed to be exceptionally good quality material.
Armed with petrography, chemical and physical examination reports the decision was made by the Chairman, Mr. Ali Mohamed Sadeq Al Baloushi and Managing Director, Mr. Rashid Mohd. Mehran Al Baloushi to construct a large crushing plant.
GGC’s quarry comprises of high-technology, engineering group with advanced products and a world-leading position in crushing equipments. We have built a plant in 2006, with the best of Austrian and English manufactured components incorporating locally constructed support structures and delivery systems, which gave the in-house design unprecedented scope.
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