Emirates shooting equipment has launched its activity as a uniquely specialised company in the field of shooting to meet all requirements in the UAE from shooting systems in all sectors in the ministry of defence and ministry of interior. The company produces all shooting equipments in the factories of Dubai using the most recent international systems and techniques in the field.
It also produces wired and wireless stationary and moving infantry targets, tank targets, multipurpose targets, monorail targets and air pressure targets. It also produces shooting simulations for small weapons using laser and living shooting. The company executes operation and maintenance projects, gives training courses for all operation and maintenance staff in all sectors.
Surviving today’s lethal, high tech battle and riotous environments requires more than just carefully planned strategies and brave warriors. It required sophisticated and effective protection for those warriors.
Outdoor shooting ranges, Indoor shooting ranges, Small weapon simulators, (Laser and live fire) Repair, maintenance and development of all types of shooting ranges, Turnkey project execution, Training courses for all operation and maintenance staff in all sectors, Design of all protection and traps for outdoor and indoor shooting range.
For more info, Please visit www.emshoot.com