Ghantoot Landscaping is a renowned name in the field of landscaping here in the United Arab Emirates. We have been playing a leading role in converting barren desert into elegant landscaping by planting local climate befitting plants, flowers, trees and grass beds by importing and as well as home prepared plantation and vegetation in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Our dedicated staff has built a reputation for attention to detail, customer satisfaction and flexible scheduling. Our skilled employees know the importance and the value of your landscape. Every service needed is available and performed by trained professionals on a carefully managed schedule to assure optimum results. From month to month and season to season, our experts are capable of identifying and reacting to any need promptly.
Ghantoot Landscaping develops successful, long lasting relationships with those we serve. Our business and the relationships that have grown from it are built on a solid foundation of quality, value and trust.
We strive to exceed our client’s expectations in every area of contact, and to consistently deliver the finest landscape services available.
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